CodyCube is an interactive learning tool aimed to teach primary school children basic programming and computational concepts
CodyCube is an obstacle course video game set in an outer-space environment. The student interacts with an interactive cube controller to program the trajectory of their space ship using basic programming conditional statements.

Function input

The task of the user is to move their space ship across the obstacle course to reach the final point, to do so, they have to make use of conditional statemes. Eg, IF Im on red planet THEN take me to...

Colour input

Once the function has been selected, the cube reacts and changes the interaction allowing the user to select a colour in order to complete functions within the cube.

Program the trajectory and play

User program all possible combination of movements through functions, once they have finished, they play the game moving the space ship using the functions available in their "inventory of functions".


Students get to work in teams and have the opportunity to discuss strategies to easily finish levels.


Students can repeat the process in order to understand better the concepets.

Problem solving

Tasks can be completed in more than one way, so more advance students can make user of conditional statements and operators. Students as the progress they can be capable of applying more complex logic.

Project Deliverables


CodyCube was built by a group of Multimedia and Interaction Design Students from The University of Queensland, Australia

Arturo Ibanez
Interaction Designer
Alex Potts
Multimedia Designer
David Chaseling
Multimedia Designer
Jeff Tang
Interaction Designer